Purchasing a 1943 rimu cottage has been a decades’ journey of upcycling, renovating, creating and improvements (with liberal dashes of pondering, problem solving, blood loss and cussing!).

Thanks to Youtube I learnt how to: tile, build a deck, patio, pathway and a chicken house. The rest of the upcycling projects grew organically, usually via brain waves in the wee hours of waking, or in the shower (like you do).

Here are a few things that can be made fairly easily and cheaply (under $40) with limited tools (drill, sander, saw, varnish, stain).

Unwanted CD tower into a shelf: cost $5

Drift Wood Coat hanger: cost $25


Old drawer into shelf: cost $1

Flyscreen for window: cost $15

Coat hook from old tools: cost $20

Rimu cabinet: cost $100

This is the most ambitious creation to date. All from some rough old rimu timber covered in paint.
I never knew that I could build. It has now become a passion and hobby and I’ve built (excuse pun) my way to making tables, benches, shelves, bathroom sink and a kitchenette. I’d really encourage other women to explore this.

(Note the costs don’t include labour time).

Venetian Blind door: cost $40