Rescuing unwanted wood at the side of the road, bits of metal, finding discarded treasures at Xtreme Zero Waste, or being gifted demolition native timber has produced some fun and creative outcomes. Costs are materials only. Don’t even ask about the labour!

Clothes hanging rack

Cost to make $15

Shelf out of old desk


Front of old desk into light feature (with brass poker holder)

$10 (not including lights)

About to be thrown out…

(4 hours of sanding, stain and varnish) Cost $10.

Old silver forks bent for hangers


Rimu shoe rack

Cost $20

Neighbours demo matai and leftover plumbing ware and purchases.


Tray made from old rimu pelmets.

Cost $15.

Windowsill feature made from demolition matai from 1940’s house.

Cost $15.

Toothbrush holder made from T&G rimu and skirting board.