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We provide personal tailormade programmes, processes and services for small to medium enterprises, community organisations, local government, and the education sector, without big consultancy fees.

What We Offer


  • Assessment and gap analysis
  • Strategy planning and mapping
  • Tracking, benchmarking and reporting
  • Resourcing to add to your team
  • Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Change

  • Climate Change preparedness
  • Climate Action Planning

Assessment & Management

  • Greenhouse gas/C02e Assessment and tracking
  • Waste Minimisation & Management Plans


  • Workshops & Guest Lecturing
  • Event Planning
  • Author / Writer

Blue Sky Thinking

  • Film resources and producer
  • Social Impact entertainment

Are You Ready?

Are you wondering how to respond to the New Zealand Government’s targets of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, or going carbon neutral by 2025?

Do you want to be more socially and environmentally responsible?

Is sustainability important to you, but don’t know where to start?

Are you questioning how to align the work you do with the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Want to save money with rising waste costs and energy?

We all need to prepare for the changes that are coming and show evidence of progress towards climate change mitigation.  Even if you are not a business, understanding and measuring your impacts and acting on them will be key to ensuring our futures.

Thank you to Victoria University for te reo version.


Kia ora, I am a skilled environmental sustainability expert, director, adviser, manager and strategist, with twenty years’ experience in the sector. 

I have a strong track record of successfully delivering strategic and practical outcomes across diverse communities, in collaboration with councils, communities, universities, polytechnics, schools, NGO’s and businesses. I am equally comfortable on a Board/Steering Group or being hands-on. My work has been recognised with multiple awards. 

I am lucky to call Raglan, Whaingaroa my home, where I am engaged in community led development and resilience building as a board member of Xtreme Zero Waste and Raglan Naturally.

Ko Rachael toku ingoa

Ingarani/ Kereti ahau
Ko Karioi te maunga e rū nei taku ngākau
Ko Whaingaroa te moana e mahea nei aku māharahara
E mihi ana ki ngā tohu o nehe, o Whaingaroa. e noho nei au

Finding a New Balance in our Changed World

Covid is the catalyst for change. It has illustrated very strongly our impact on our environment and our lives. We have been given an opportunity to reset, reconnect and rethink about how we are living and how we could do things differently.

Small individual steps become larger actions collectively.

Read more in Blog below.


Lead Consultant Rachael Goddard

“Rachael is a remarkable person: intelligent, passionate, thoughtful, conscientious, creative, collaborative, systematic, applied and very hard working.

“Rachael is a strategic leader, who has conceptualised and delivered on a detailed and extensive sustainability strategy. She has led achievements that have delivered economic, social and environmental benefits to the organisation.”

– Anna Bounds, Former Assistant Vice Chancellor University of Waikato.

“Rachael has a wide range of knowledge and makes sure that she understands the issue at hand before making decisions. Flavoured with a wicked sense of humour, it is clear that Rachael works from a deep-seated passion to develop significantly better ways for us to interact with this beautiful planet.”

– Gareth Cartwright, Executive Officer Community Energy Network.


“Rachael has brought extraordinary dynamism, vision and leadership to the
task of fostering sustainability on campus.”

– Associate Professor Eva Collins. Chair Environmental & Sustainability Committee.

A 30-page book in PDF format you can download for free!

© Rachael Goddard

ISBN: 978-0-473-30459-1 

Illustrations by Monica Peters.

Photographs by Professor Phil Bishop, Nga Manu Images, Cheryl Reynolds, Kara Goddard and Rachael Goddard.

Everything you ever wanted to know about our special native frogs, and other visitors who have ‘hopped’ over the ditch! Our four native frog species are ancient. They have some unusual things that make them different to other frogs around the world. Many of our frogs do not have a tadpole stage. Some daddy frogs carry froglets on their backs. Some of our frogs do not croak. Most breathe through their skin as well as their nose. Some are not much bigger than a $2 coin. They are all rare and some are endangered. You will also find about the yucky poisonous cane toad from Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to consider if I want to green up my organisation?

It depends how broad you want to go, but the following are usually considered and assessed:

  • Waste
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Travel
  • C02e
  • Framework/plan or policy
  • Engagement
  • Social responsibility
Do my clients, staff, students, customers want this?
  • 87% of consumers have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues.
  • 88% will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues.
  • 87% would buy a product with a social and environmental benefit if given the opportunity.
UNESCO reports that 91% of students say their place of study should actively incorporate and promote sustainable development and 70% would like to see sustainable development incorporated and promoted through all courses.
(Cone Communications CSR Study 2017, NUS 2018).
Does sustainability and climate change really matter?

The evidence is clear backed by science and actual global events. Our environment is changing, and people care. Recent surveys (IAG, Stats NZ, SBC) highlight 69-87% of kiwi’s think environmental/climate change is a concern.

We are at pivotal juncture, there is no latitude for prevarication and debate over climate change, sustainability, our impacts on the environment. We need to re-evaluate now how we live, do business and behave, and utilise all of the tools that we have to bring about long-term meaningful change; agility, systems, collaboration, resilience, leadership, and innovation, education and most importantly our collective skills and acting.

What is C02e?

CO2, carbon dioxide is the most prevalent greenhouse gas that comes from burning fossil fuels, industry, and land use. However, there are numerous other gases that contribute to global warming, all of which together are quantified in one single measurement called CO2 equivalent. Co2e.