Buy a soda stream with glass bottles, no more plastic bottles, hoorah!

Make humus. Chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon, cashews, ground pepper and oil, whizz it up in the blender. Easy peasy and quick.

Make crackers, reduce those layers of pesky plastics that are no longer recyclable. Loads of recipes online for natural seed crackers, and they are easy to make.

Growing salads and herbs, don’t need much garden space, planter boxes are ok.

Getting milk in returnable glass bottles, ok so unfair advantage, we live in Raglan.

Use recycled paper or brown paper to wrap gifts.

Make bags out of old shirts and material.

Shop second hand.

Take a cloth bag shopping.

Walk more, bike more.

Compost/worm farm.

Turn lights off (even if you leave the room for 5 mins)

Shop at farmers/local markets, support local.

Unplug appliances not in use. They still use energy if switched on.

Shop at bulk bins with paper bags or take your own containers.

Use jars top store things in.

Making shelving out of unwanted wooden CD towers (turn them on their side and mount them on the wall).

Make a donation, or give a gift that helps charity or enviro group, such as:

Make your own balms, there are loads of recipes on the internet and they don’t cost much.

Reduce flights (well that’s kind of easy right now).

This one is seriously the pinnacle of greenness – make ‘peewees’. Washable cloths for the number ones on the loo! I confess I haven’t tried this yet, but our UK friend makes and uses them (see photo).