Public sector and crown entities in New Zealand are now either being ‘encouraged’ or ‘directed’ to track, certify and report on the greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

The Climate Change Commission recommendations have been released (there were over 15,000 submissions on this), which, amongst many things, suggests that targets should be strengthened and our international agreements and commitments be revised and improved.

Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw have initially endorsed the report’s findings so far, saying that they are an “achievable blueprint” for change.

It is predicted that other sectors will also be obliged to report, track and offset their emissions in the near future. Now is the time for all businesses to start preparing for these changes.

What can businesses do to prepare?

There are numerous carbon calculators, such as Toitu, Ekos and the free SBN climate action toolbox. This can help with the areas you need to focus on and the carbon calculators that you can use to track Co2e emitting activities such as; travel, waste, water, energy, accommodation, hire cars, possibly gases and freight.

The next step is to produce a plan or strategy for setting targets and reducing emissions. This needs to involve and engage staff and be embedded into practices. Offsetting is not mandatory at this stage, but likely in the future.

ECOES can also provide onsite tailored support and assistance in tracking, reporting, setting targets and developing a plan.